What are the most common reasons for people getting divorced in the US?


Marriage is a part where two bodies become one soul and swear of never getting apart, but in some cases, things don’t go on their way for a long time, and they have to get separate to live a happy life, Did you ever imagine that why does it happen?

If you think that sexual infidelity is the most common reason why a couple gets separated, then you are probably wrong, According to research, there are several more reasons why couples don’t want to spend their life together and get separated.

So, This article is all about divorce and some significant reasons for getting divorced in the United States.

We will study about some reasons that are reckoned as the top of getting divorced.

Let’s begin it.

Getting Married for Wrong Reasons

We have all heard about getting married for money, or for the sake of getting colossal property share, but these are reasons are a ticket to get separated quickly, A person gets married to another by looking at his or her property and bank balance, When later on things not goes on according to the plan then a conflict starts between them which leads to a divorce.

According to research it is found that 40% relationship in the US turns into a divorce because of this reason.

Lack of Commitment

A relationship lasts long because of the commitments of two people who are leading a married life or maybe in a live-in, Even though some would say that marriage is done because of ultimate commitment between two people who used to be in love sometimes.

When two people are sharing a life together, It is vital to communicate with accessible other daily about their needs and problems and both have to commit equally to make a relationship more and stronger, But when this doesn’t happen, couples can feel isolated, lonely and stop caring about one another’s needs and deeds altogether, this step generally lead to the breakdown of their relationship.

Extramarital Affairs

Infidelity or Extramarital affair has been founded as the apple of discord between two people in a relationship, It is cited as a critical turning point in a deteriorating relationship, This happens when a person finds himself in a position that his partner is not fulfilling his/her wants, then they try to find some other person from outside who can fill their needs and then arises the trust issue between those who were already in a relationship for a long time, It is challenging to trust back again whom you trusted a lot before getting the heartbreak, It’s not impossible but very challenging indeed and most of the people fail to deliver this.

The reasons why people cheat on their partners may be different, but having an extramarital affair often takes a relationship to the last stage.

Financial Problem

You may have heard that “Love doesn’t feed” yes indeed it is a bitter truth, If you have to live in the world, you have to be well settled so that you can feed your partner too. For leading a better livelihood, you should be able to take the burden of all expenditure of your family.

But do you know something? Money makes people funny, and it is true indeed, and this problem is all about the money, when a couple finds that in a way that the finances should be handled, is not going on the same style and it leads to drastic problem, Quarrels usually happens between couples and in most of the cases, they decide to get separated from each other officially and that is called a breakup in a relationship.

The trouble with In-Laws

If a couple or maybe one person among them doesn’t know how to be happy with every member of the family and doesn’t know how to have ethical boundaries with the family of in-laws, then this couple will often finds himself in a phase, that they never wanted to be at all and family can be the most significant stress for that kind of couples, Not all families are the same because each family has its own culture and rules for how things should be done and attitudes of  each person will be different which is a common thing, When two families come together they are melding two different cultures, and when this is not done successfully by anyone between a couple then the problem arises between him/her and the family, which may end marriage. The family issues can increase and cause even more stress to the couple.


There are lots of marriage are done having both the person of different religion, sometimes it works out great and enhance life by adding various mixtures of tradition but in some cases when their relationship is not accepted by the families of both people, It can lead to a big difference in attitude how one will live their life and how their lifestyle would be, If someone is not paying respect to the other person who is of different religion then a misunderstanding or a conflict may occur between the couple which can ruin their healthy relationship and turns it into a divorce. If a couple can’t come to an argument on what part of religion will play a vital role in their life together, this can cause a massive blunder in their married life.


It is quite an awkward word to pronounce when it comes as a reason for divorce, Yes the lack of intimacy it can be physical or maybe emotional too, If someone is not satisfying his/her partner sexually and consistently giving their partner a cold shoulder then at that time the person who is not happy always have a bad mood, because there are some needs of everyone beyond everything, and one of the many reasons may be sex and not fulfilling the partner in bed becomes a ground of divorce of that couple and beside this ignoring your partner sexual needs, everyone needs is different so it is a critical thing to know what your partner wants from you in their sexual life, making a relationship intimate and unique is the responsibility of both partners, practice a little naughty things, appreciation and enjoy the physical intimacy as much possible to make the relationship stronger.

Constantly Arguing

In a survey it is revealed that partners whose bonding are not good enough to take a relationship at the next level, often leads to a breakup, A person whose expectations, thinking and point of view is different from the other person with whom he/she is in a relationship or maybe leading a married life, which means their response will also be modified for any particular topic, which is the main reason of conflict and arguing and when a person doesn’t change his thinking attitude then this argument will be a part of their daily routine, No one in this world wants to live their life in such a way that he/she has to answer for every work will be done by him/her to the other person who is against the decision. So, to spend the rest of their life with a happy face, every couple decides to spend their lives separately, which leads to a divorce.

Lack of Identity

Most of the marriage which are arranged are done, two persons who became one soul often don’t know one another perfectly, and as it is said that “A codependent relationship is not healthy,” when a couple doesn’t have their interests or to express themselves outside of coupledom, they become a couple dumb.

If someone is not interested and not comfortable at all about the things that his/her partner is doing and probably he/she may feel that the decision that was taken by their family to make themselves a couple who are literally not made for each other, is totally wrong and they set in their mind that things can’t be changed even after giving all of their efforts and make a big decision to stop this relationship or married life at this level and get a divorce from their partner.

Unmet expectations

You may have seen or heard about any relationship which got separated without any significant reasons, that is where unmet expectations comes, It is a kind of thing that when a person is not happy sometimes, he/she try to impose their hopes on their partner which is not even realistic to say, and if they fail to deliver it then it takes the form of blaming, criticizing, nagging or threatening.

When one or both people in the marriage are attempting to such things which they generally don’t want to do or maybe you can say it’s beyond their wants, then it is reckoned as a recipe for disaster, when someone is unhappy in the relationship then it is okay to ask your partner about your desires but if he/she tries to impose on them forcibly, It can be a cause of divorce between them.

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